Youth Ambassadors of Change (YACs)

YACs are youth leader/young change maker with track record of volunteer work and peace building activities. They learn, relearn and unlearn things in order to promote GYPF VISION which ‘envision a world where all people are equally respected, fully protected and universally realized.  Included in this vision is a world where all young people – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, class, gender or other differences – are encouraged and empowered to non-violently claim their own rights and serve as advocates for the rights of others.’


Farida Razaqi

Assistant Coordinator of APT- Afghans for Progressive Thinking, Afghanistan

Farida Razaqiis from Herat province of Afghanistan. And after completing her high school in 2015, she started her bachelor’s degree at Law and Political Science Faculty of Herat University. During her time in University, she won numerous awards;for instance, Top Student of the Year, Championship and best speaker awards of local and national debating championship, Honorable mention award of the Middle East in Vis Arbitration Moot, Championship award, Best applicant and respondent memorials of the Jessup Moot Court Competition of AFG, Best Judge award of debating tournament etc.  Farida has represented the Youth of Herat Province in two Youth National summits held by the presidential Office and represented AFG in Regional and international round of Vis arbitration moot and GYPF-2019. Farida is an active member of Afghan’s for Progressive thinking Organization which is a leading NGO working for peacebuilding, Education and Gender equality in Afghanistan. She is currently a lecturer at Law faculties of Herat University and Jami University. She can be reached at


Victoire Ambika Zigabe

Social Activist, Entrepreneur & Financial Analyst, Congo

Victoireis 24 years old and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Universitélibre de Kigali. A humanitarian, an entrepreneur and a financial analyst, he is also an active member NGOs YOUTH CARE and KIVUSEJOUR working for the education of young people and fight against discrimination in the region of African Great Lakes. Victorie is also a founder of WISE CHOICE CLEANER company-a firm that offers diversified cleaning and washing services with the mindset of creating friendly environment. In addition to that, he is a financial manager, marketer and tax expert in Wise Choice Management an accounting audit firm. He can be reached at


Iram Parveen

GYPF Core Committee Member, Yuvsatta (youth for peace)-NGO, India

Iram is associated with the development sector for more than 10 years, and worked at various positions and with different challenging situations in India. She has done her post-graduation in Social Work and post-graduation diploma in Human Rights and International Law from Delhi. Currently she is working in Bihar as State Coordinator and providing overall support in implementation of Aangan's Child Protection Model in Bihar and a core committee member of GYPF 2021. She is a strong advocate of UNSC Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. She is also a working group member of GPPAC and UNOY to build strategies and ensure that Youth is part of all decision making across at all level. Besides her rights based programming, advocacy and campaigning; she has experience of working with EngenderHealth India, Oxfam India and John Hopkins University-Center for Communication Program, Praxis etc. Apart from her professional experience, Iram is a young peace builder. She is a member of the Global Youth Advocacy Team which was formed to work on the themes of youth, security and peace, which consists of a group of 8 young people globally by UNOY. She has been invited to represent youth as a delegate in many national and international forums. She was also been awarded by ‘A World at School’ organization the title of ‘Youth Ambassador from India’ to promote youth work at local & global level. She can be reached at

Hiranya Hazarika

Jt. Secretary, Department of Health, Education & Cultural Affairs, Morning Club, Assam, India

Masters in English Literature at University of Delhi, Hiranya is very passionate to promote 17 SDGs so that world around can become a better place to live in. He is a motivated and passionate individual who strives to achieve the highest possible standard in all his work. His excellent time management skills can be seen through the extra responsibilities he has taken alongside his University studies. He is strong in taking initiative as well as maintaining energy and passion within team and individual projects. He can be reached at


Banu Tanja Kaundar

Graduate Ambassador of The National University of Malaysia

Ms. BanuTanjaKaundar is a young entrepreneur and doctorate student who is also engaged in the field of volunteerism and social work since year 2010 and actively participated in more than hundred community development projects from local to international level. She is the Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society (United Kingdom- Malaysia) & Treasurer of Kuala Lumpur International Chamber of Commerce. Banu is also an International academic speaker who is more concerned to educate, inspire and empower youths. Beside youths, she also helps economically weak families and senior citizens by providing financial and medical assistance with the help of government and non-government organizations. She also honored with the Best Student Leader Award and Best Community Development Volunteer Award by Malaysian Government in the year of 2014. She also awarded as an International Young Leader Award 2017-India, Chief de Mission of The International Youth Fellowship- South Korea 2018, Chief de Mission of International Business Trade to Korea and many others. She can be reached at

Pathma Venthan Subramaniam

Deputy President & Co-Founder of Malaysian New Community Development and Awareness Association (MYCOM MALAYSIA)

S. PathmaVenthan is a youth activist and a member of Malaysian New Community Development and Awareness Association (MYCOM Malaysia) one of the largest Indian NGO in Malaysia. He has 18 years of experience in organizing and participating in many youth, women and community development programs locally and internationally. He is actively involved with number of organizations which deals with several of sustainable development goals and currently he is the Head of Peace Pole Project for MYCOM Malaysia and also has been appointed as a Peace Advocacy Committee Member at Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), Seoul, Korea and also actively participated at 7th IYPF 2012 and 11th GYPF in 2016 at Peace-city Chandigarh. He can be reached at


Lakshmee Devi Ramloll

Graduate in Chemical Engineering Minor Energy Specialization in Life Cycle Assessment

Ms. Lakshmee from Mauritius did Chemical Engineering from University of Mauritius. She was also awarded a scholarship from France on Life Cycle Assessment. She is the Secretary of MOSAIC, Mauritius Association of Social and Environmental Conversation. And is an active member of the Gym where she became an inspiration for people by losing more than 70 kg of weight. Presently, Ms. Lakshmee, along with her multifarious social, gender equality and environmental activities is also effectively working as Quality and Assistant production Manager at Princes Tuna Mauritius. She can be reached at


Suresh Kumar

Executive Director, Youth Network for Peace & Development (YNPD), Mahottari, Nepal

A grassroots social activist Suresh is having experience of over two decades of experience working on varied issues of women empowerment, community development, environmental issues, peace building, human rights, education & literacy promoting among the marginalized in various districts of Nepal. He had worked with many international agencies like European Union, Go Go Foundation, NDP/LRP, UNFPA, SFCG, APEC, Save the Children, UNOY Peacebuilders, SFGP, GIZ, Action Aid etc. He specializes in trainings, human resource development and consultancy on community development projects in Nepal. He can be reached at


Afzal Rahim

Peace Activist, Amateur Photographer, Freelance Recruitment Consultant & Certified Trainer, Pakistan

He is a Civil Service aspirant who is passionate to promote 17 SDGs to really empower the teeming millions. Strong in taking initiatives as well as maintaining energy and passion within team and individual projects, Afzal is an enthusiastic individual from Swabi (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) PAKISTAN. He did his Masters in Human Resource Management from Bahria University Islamabad (Pakistan). And currently is pursuing a higher degree in Media Studies from same University. He can be reached at


Ernesto Cordero Collo, Jr.

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, La Union, Philippines

Ernesto was born and reared in the agricultural province of Ilocos Sur in Northern Philippines. Growing up from an environment of academicians has imbibed in him the passion in educating young minds. His relentless commitment in cross-cultural education through English Language Program (ELP) has catapulted from a research forum with universities in Thailand to a dream he shares with the university, partnering with Asian countries in bringing about mutual understanding in everyday communication or diplomacy or business. As he advocates programs that link nations across Asia, the recipients return to their countries and create better opportunities to aspiring second language learners and eventually take part in social reforms and people empowerment through educational and community initiatives. He can be reached at


Anuradha Chamalie Ranasinghe

Attorney at Law, Morotuwa District Court, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Anuradha is currently an attorney at Law in Morotuwa District Court at Colombo. She got the gift of Volunteering since her childhood for public causes from his father who remained Mayor and actively engaged in social and philanthropic endeavours. Anuradha had done her LLB from University of London. And besides her law practice, she finds time to engage herself in constructive programmes to help the needy, marginalized and promote well-being for all. She can be reached at


Akizimana Michael

Club Administrator, Rotary Club of Lugazi Central, District 9211, Uganda

Akizimana Michael is Executive Director of Effort for Child Support a vibrant NGO in Uganda and is also actively engaged with Rotary club activities for empowering the vulnerable and marginalized. He is proprietor of Jolec investments thus providing employment to many young people through his business enterprise. A man with courage of conviction is pursues the passion of making Uganda and Ugandan's great with all around peace and prosperity by strengthening youth leadership and transformative change in his country. He is also a member of Rotarian Action Group for Peace. He can be reached at


Nguyen Phuong Binh

Internal Affairs Coordinator of 2030 Youth Force, Vietnam

Nguyen Phuong Binh, is a student pursuing bachelor in English Teacher Education in Vietnam National Univeristy. Currently, she's serving as Internal Affairs Coordinator of 2030 Youth Force Vietnam and a youth activist for sustainable living lifestyle. She is devoted to equality in education and youth empowerment for sustainable development. For the past few years, she has put her time for advocacy of sustainable consumption in her country. She believes that to make sustainable development within human's reach, it requires us to foster youth empowerment to give them the chance to show how their inclusive power helps us to achieve sustainability. She can be reached at